All-in-one Widget 1.0 is Released

Add fundamental functionality to your WordPress sidebars with a set of proper widgets.

All-in-one Widget is a WordPress plugin that provides you with an numbers(12) of essential widgets for any website. They give you additional functionality to easily display more varied content in your sidebars, such as images,tweets,tabs, popular post(stylist), facebook page like,instagram etc.

This plugin is completely standalone and will work equally well with any WordPress theme you use.

This plugin adds the following available widgets:

Recent Posts – A more powerful version of the default recent posts widget provided by WordPress. This widget allows you to display a thumbnail of each post and also to choose which post type to display.

Adv Space – Easily insert images without having to resort to writing HTML in a text widget. You can also link the image or add your own advertising code.

Social Profiles – Add links to your preferred social profiles, being able to choose from a long list of available social networks.

Recent Tweets – Display your latest tweets from any Twitter account. This widgets provides support for the Twitter API 1.1.

Flickr Images – Show your latest images from a Flickr account right into your sidebar, and linking to your Flickr gallery.

Author Badge – Display the profile of a specific user, showing the name, image, and profile description.

Facebook Widget – This widget adds a Simple Facebook page Like Widget into your WordPress website Sidebar or Footer area. Also enabled short code for POST and PAGE.

Ajax Search – Displays instant search results directly beneath a search widget.

Instagram Widget – Instagram widget is a no fuss WordPress widget to showcase your latest Instagram pics.

Twitter Feed Widget – Add twitter feeds on your WordPress site by using the Twitter Feed Widget plugin..

Tab Widget – Tab Widget is the AJAXified plugin which loads content by demand, and thus it makes the plugin incredibly lightweight.

Stylish Popular Posts – Stylish Popular Posts creates a widget which displays popular posts based on the number of comments.

Site2Quotes Widget – This plugin lets you add a Quote of the Day widget to your WordPress page.

Rss Feed – RSS Feeds is a small & lightweight plugin. Fast and easy to use, it aggregates RSS feeds into your site with widgets.

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